Saturday, January 15, 2011


So today I tried to throw a birthday party, for Phoebe. It was going wonderfully until the second cupcake in. She started to tell me her "tummy hurt". Hm, you should probably stop eating cupcakes I said. But them, she started to look sleepy. Which mean she actually doesn't feel good.
I have a terrible track record with hosting, and one of my kids getting sick.

I start to panic internally. You know, try to figure out if I should sit her in the bathroom while I continue to host, or take her in her room and lay in her bed with her till she falls asleep. From which nap she would wake up completely healthy from. Instead I held her in my arms until the party ended, everything was cleaned up, and she got sick. :(

All you local friends are never going to want to come over again.
I hope no one else gets it.
And, I apologize a head of time if you do.

Also to add to the terribleness, I forgot to mention my baby turned one in November.

I know, I'm the worst.


  1. I am so sad for you and the sick kiddo's. :( But that birthday party did look fun. Wish I could have dressed up like a princess. Sending you some healthy vibes??

  2. Thanks Ali. We are going in that direction.

  3. isn't being a mommy hard? daily decisions.. sick kiddos..birthday parties.. keeping up with it all :)
    looks to me that you rock at it.

  4. So kind of you...But I think I definitely failed it.