Friday, March 25, 2011

we get sunshine, then we get snow

And, I'm kind of okay with that. Nothing can stop the warmth from coming eventually.
So right now, I realized, my kids caught another cold, and that's okay. Because it's wet outside and we can watch movies. Also, strawberries are in season somewhere. I can tell by the low, low price of a  pint. So I think I might do some early canning. There is nothing quite like a full years stash of homemade strawberry jam. Especially in December. 

Tomorrow we might try to go pick up a clawfoot tub for our second bathroom! My sister found it at an antique store close by. It's a really good price.:) What are you thinking you might like to do this weekend?
Besides making a cape for my first born, I think I need to make this for the little girl. 
What do you think of this bike?
I want to eat breakfast here tomorrow.

happy weekend. 



  1. Oh I've been so hoping to come across a clawfoot tub here in Pa. I hope you guys can get it. Also, those hot dog melts look sinister.. in a good way.

  2. that bag is so yummy!! I love it!

  3. Hey lady, we missed you today! Are you guys under the weather still? I was hoping that maybe a bit of sunshine might have cured you all of whatever ails you. We should get together soon!

  4. Yes, we catch something new as we begin to recover from the last hoorah. I'm praying. Cause we should get together.