Monday, April 25, 2011

this weeks menu

Our Easter lamb!

1. cream of asparagus soup
2.chicken Caesar salad
3. steak fajitas
4. tomato soup and grilled cheese
5.Thai Pad see ew
6. chili and corn bread


  1. have I asked you before for your Thai Pad See Ew recipe? If not, I am now!

    we're doing tomato soup (w/ cream) and sammiches this week too! :D (I'm cheating though and picked up the tubs of tomato basil soup from the deli section of costco. nom nom nom).

  2. Whats wrong with a little cheating, I love Costco!

  3. I like to cheat on tomato soup too, especially on Saturday nights. We buy the roasted red pepper tomato soup that comes in a box (kinda like broth.) You can get it at Winco or Costco.

    I love looking at your meal plans, Grace. Good for inspiration!